Absolutely Fabulous.


The last mosquito that bit me had to book into the Betty Ford clinic.

# # #

Patsy - If it's good enough for Saddam, it's good enough for us!

# # #

Eddy - Life is a mystery, we all must stand alone. I hear him call my name and it feels like home.'
Saffy - 'That's lovely, who wrote it?'
Eddy - 'Madonna, darling

# # #

Eddy - 'Cos this isn't a lovely lovely fun, jumpy, lovely lovely day, this is horrible, painful, funless grind.'
Saffy - 'Welcome to my world.'

# # #

Eddy - Darling she's so cold, she has her period in cubes.

# # #

Saffy - 'I thought they didn't let people with drug convictions into America.'
Patsy - 'It's not so much a conviction, darling. It's more of a strong belief.'

# # #

Eddy - 'Answer me one question sweetie. And tell me honestly, how fat is the person playing me?'
Saffy - 'Mum, in this whole world there will never be anyone as fat as you!'


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01.10.2008 kl.00:43

Du planlegge mye DVD seeing i 2009 skjønne æ? må ikke glemme å gi rottan mat oppi alt det der, hehe

Prinsesse Grønn

01.10.2008 kl.00:46

Æ elske tvseria. Æ trur æ kan gifte mæ med tvserier. <3


01.10.2008 kl.00:59

Æ har ingen kanala, så æ har ikke så mye å bli hekta på. Eller, æ har en nrk1 som ser ut som finnmarksvidda en ekte stormfull vinterdag.

Prinsesse Grønn

01.10.2008 kl.01:05

Æ har to kanala. Så det e vel GRUNN til at æ vil ha de serian på dvd. :p


08.10.2008 kl.23:45

ABSOLUTT helt fabelaktig!!! Elske de daman der...

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